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Frequently asked questions

What happens when I come for counselling?
We sit together and I ask you what it is you have come for. We then talk about it and look at what is happening, your options, and explore how you are feeling. I will reflect back to you what I notice and how this is affecting your life. Often we dismiss our own strengths, focusing more on what we are not doing well, so I will encourage you to see what you are doing that is helpful. By opening up and talking about what is happening in a nonjudgemental way, painful or unwanted thoughts can begin to shift.

How long is a counselling session?
Each session is about an hour, sometimes a little longer.

I feel so stuck. How can you fix that?
Feeling stuck is a very common feeling to have. It's uncomfortable and we don't like having it but it is a clue that something important is going on. Sometimes it is because we are putting a lot of pressure on ourselves that we 'should' be doing something, but we just can't seem to do it. This is because we have external messages of what we think we should be doing but it's not right at a deeper level of our being. In counselling, we can explore all these different parts so we open up different possibilities, not just 'this' or' that'.

I've tried everything. Why should this work?
In our Western culture we have grown up with a medical model of going to a Doctor and she or he will have the answer, or at least a diagnosis. We often feel powerless and put all our faith in people outside of ourselves. Counselling opens this up in a new way. It explores how you give away your power and stop listening to your 'inner voice', the part of yourself that knows what is right for you. Many of us learned very young not to trust ourselves and this has split us off from our deeper sense of who we are. When you are supported and listened to, you begin to hear your own 'voice' and you become more active in your own decisions and healing. You discover what you need to do in the best interest of yourself.

How can I get free of this mess?
We may have been neglected, abused, abandoned or spoiled and overindulged. No one comes from a perfect family. It is truely terrible what many people have lived through as children, teenagers and then adults. It is amazing that those hurt and abused children are able to grow up at all and function in this world. It says a lot about the resilience of the human spirit, and it is often at cost. The cost shows in the struggle to feel good about who you are, to feel ok about being in the world, and the ability to have loving and fulfilling relationships.
We can blame those people who abused and mistreated us all our lives but that won't change things, only makes us bitter and resentful. At some point we have to say, enough! So the question then becomes 'How can I find me?' And then the work begins.
With my support, you can start to explore and deal with the blame, anger, hurt, grief, whatever it is you are left carrying. We all have the chance to be different. So you can let go of the excuses you make, that maybe keeps you too busy, to give yourself the time you need, to heal and get to know who you are, to discover how you want to be.
Private counselling practice with Wendy Gibson
Individual counselling with Wendy Gibson near Woy Woy, Gosford.


"...because of your honesty, the way your eyes contained no judgement and your quiet presence that gave me trust in trying to actually voice my story, your total honesty has given me hope for a future, where I will be able to get to know myself and more importantly get to love me for who I am, despite my past." Maxi

"Wendy is a guiding light when all seems lost. She is the most genuine and caring person I have ever met.....she makes sense of that which makes no sense. She has a way of making me feel safe and secure at those times I fear most in my life. I can't recommend Wendy highly enough to anyone who is looking for someone with a genuine interest in helping others on their journey through lifes' ups and downs. I am so grateful to have someone like Wendy in my life." Terry (Woy Woy)

"After a visit to Wendy I always feel a little lighter, like some pressure has been lifted.Life is easier now that I am becoming more aware of myself, its amazing how much there is to discover! I can't thank Wendy enough, the help she gives me and the things I've learnt have changed my life." Sam (Gosford)

"Wendy has always expressed a warm, genuine and respectful interest in me. I have confidence and find comfort in her skills as a therapist. I always feel uplifted, understood, supported and hopeful about my future after a session with Wendy." Suellen (Central Coast)

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