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Wendy Gibson provides counselling services on Central Coast.

Life is about continual change. Some changes we choose but many changes are thrown at us. It is when we resist change that we have problems.

It is our ability to be open to change that allows us to flow through life and ride the tide of events that are thrown our way.

Often, it is our fear that pulls us up short, making us want to control circumstances that we are not able to, we then become rigid and inflexilble.

When our efforts don't work, we can become angry, resentful or feel victimised as life is not doing what we think it should.

Anxiety, depression, obsessions, excessive fear and many other feelings are all clues that we are not 'ourselves'.

It is our past stories, experiences and habits that have taught us to close off to life as this is what worked before. But old behaviours are just that: old. At some point they stop working and start restricting who we are. Maybe now it's time to learn how to be more open and honest and find new ways of dealing with life.

Our true nature is to be open hearted and loving, present in every moment of our life.

Counselling Service for the Central Coast: 

Gosford, Woy Woy and the Peninsula Area.

Specialising in

  • personal and relationship issues
  • anxiety and depression
  • child abuse, neglect and abandonment
  • weight problems
  • motivation problems
  • lone twin issues
  • problems related to cancer, for yourself or a loved one

Learn how to 

  • care for yourself
  • decrease stress in your life
  • relax and enjoy life  
  • communicate effectively
  • deal with lifes challenges
  • feel better in yourself
Counselling Woy Woy Gosford with Wendy Gibson

I can help you:
  • take charge of your life
  • learn how to move in a direction that you value and want for yourself
  • accept unwanted and difficult thoughts and feelings
  •  value parts of yourself you don't like
  • be open and listen to who you are
  • commit to making changes and following through

Wendy Gibson is a Member of the Cancer Counselling Professionals Inc.,   Professional Counselling Association of ACT and NSW (Inc.) and Australian Counselling Association.

Wendy Gibson Counselling - Central Coast, Gosford, Woy Woy -Transforming your pain